Off-Screen Play

Whilst our younger selves would no doubt be glued to our 4K 3D 1080p HDR 60fps pro S set ups (back then widescreen, composite, 60hz, 56k internet), an arguably higher priority is the increasing presence of off-screen play.

Since child number one was born – coinciding with the launch window of Wii U – the time share of television has become a much smaller fraction. And so began the birth of the idea of console quality gameplay without the need to dominate the living room. Daily fixes of FIFA career mode were in danger of reducing severely without the facility to play off screen. And this is how the story of off-screen play unfolded…

Confused messaging regarding off screen functionality for Wii U (it was later added as a symbol on the back of boxes) – in my eyes – was one of many missed opportunities for the console. What about all those who now had to fight for the TV? What about those whose playing time was at a premium?

The confused messaging was also mirrored in the PS4 Vita Remote Play ‘compatibility’ as despite a universal approach, the two did not make good bed fellows. The – at this point – pipe dream of FIFA off screen (I’ll keep returning to this FYI) remained that. PS Vita’s lack of second shoulder buttons and inconsistent lag led to the novelty of remote play remaining a novelty.

Fast forward a bit.

With the death of the Wii U and PS Vita, new ways to play off screen were born. The Remote Play functionality with PS4 was transferred to PC via a free app. This remains a great way to play PS4 away from TV and home. However another contender ushered forwards from Sony – PS VR.

Virtual reality aside, a great asset to the Playstation’s VR expansion is the ability to play games in a variety of modes off screen. Forget 4K 3D 1080p HDR etc etc for a moment. Stylized games like Disney Infinity look great on the headset and it is by no means a lesser experience. I played Rise of the Tomb Raider and the PS2 port of Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer Revenge on the headset and they were both enjoyable experience. The recent update to 3D Blu Ray compatibility is also a major plus. But…what about FIFA? Although passable, something does seem ‘off’ about playing FIFA this way. It gives the player models a chunkiness akin to ISS 64. Which leads to the obvious question and the latest contender in off-screen console games – Nintendo Switch.

It is with regret – as a penniless dad – getting a one is not in the cards at the moment. The last great purchase before becoming a single income household was the PS VR. However, the ability to take the exact console experience anywhere, on screen or off screen is a major selling point. Dads will surely be interested but perhaps mums (or vice versa???) may be more interested to keep the off-screen ball rolling. The recent phenomenon of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (dusted off the Wii U for it) proved that the market for this is there and may be expansive than Nintendo first anticipated. The blue ocean strategy Nintendo had shot for with the Wii could have been there for all perhaps with a clearer message. Now, the opportunity is out there for someone to join the dots together, for the stars to align and erm..the Matrix to sync so this – in my opinion- untapped potential market is explored to its fullest. And hopefully…finally, perhaps the Switch version of FIFA might be the one to finally nail that true console experience without the need for a TV.

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