Virtually Over

Whilst perusing the PlayStation store – like a lost lamb – I’ve found myself scrolling, sorting and just staring at the PlayStation VR section. When announced, I remember saying it looked promising but I wouldn’t commit until there was a Batman game…Well after E3 2016, I made my commitment. Having played Arkham VR as well as a handful of other experiences (Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider among them) I now find myself desperately seeking the next game to justify my expensive new purchase. 

Full disclosure; Resident Evil 7 was too scary in VR. The Killer Croc bit in Arkham VR led to a rapid removal of the headset and hiding behind the settee. Playing the Kitchen demo and the cat jumping on me was the last straw. The off screen benefits of PlayStation VR can not be ignored but what outweighs the minority of essential experiences and this facility is the growing noises  – or lack of – from Sony.

Now 6 months in, PlayStation VR – and VR in general – has already started to mimic the slow, undignified deaths of Wii U and PlayStation Vita. An initial sense of optimism, coupled with a smattering of launch curios has led to a worrying roadmap for my sleek, beautiful visor. Where are the first party offerings? Why aren’t lesser VR apps etc ported up to the PlayStation headset? There’s only so many Minecraft 360 degree videos one can watch on YouTube. 

Desperately trying to justify the purchase, the lack of anything of interest now or on the horizon, signifies what this ultimately always was; a tech experiment. Splintering user bases has never worked in the console space (32x, N64 expansion pak, Kinect etc). Nor, has sharing of development resources. Microsoft, Sony and now Nintendo have all had more optimal output with just one clear focal point. All of which has led me to a sad conclusion. PlayStation VR is done. The slapped on Move controllers already outdated with the lack of a z axis and chugging on the now 3 year old PS4 hardware. Couple this with shoddy Pro support, this was never going to be the next big thing. Just Sony not wanting to miss a trick. I backed the wrong horse so PlayStation VR, say hello to eBay…hashtag sad face

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