Snake Pass Review

Version reviewed: PS4

Think like a snake…
Slithering under the anticipation radar, Snake Pass has been a sleeper hit for early Switch adaptors but is also available on PS4 and X1. In this game, you play as Noodle – a genuinely hilarious, mute snake – who must collect enough erm…collectibles (plot not essential) to unlock the gate to the next world. Part puzzler, part 3D platformer, this game has an instantly gratifying art style evoking the classic Rare characters of the N64 era – clean and crisp, with character.

Whilst exploring levels using the intuitive controls, Noodle must manoeuvre  himself across various obstacles to collect the various prizes on offer. This is a simplistic format yet complex to master as reaching the hidden coins in each level require dexterity and patience supreme. 

After completing the opening few worlds with ease, the difficulty took a sharp upturn and rewards were not so easily achievable. The lack of map means sometimes you are left searching a level aimlessly for a key not visible at snake-eye level.

Released near Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass has helped scratch that 3D platformer itch albeit at a slower pace. I’ve found that this is a great game to have on my PS4 hard drive to break up sessions of other games. Noodle’s ambience juxtaposed with the fed-up-of-falling-oh-well-one-more-go-ness but is ultimately a great game to have at the end of a long day. The price is appealing too – less than £20 for a game which we sincerely hope will get a sequel. 



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