Nintendo Classics Part 1

If Nintendo were to release past games on a ‘virtual console’ type service – unchanged and just a ROM – on Switch; which games would we need updating? Although many games of yesteryear can be described as timeless, there are those which do not. Here’s some of the games we feel would benefit from an update:

1. Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario Bros

Blasphemy! Let me quanitify this a bit. Imagine all three games available in their original form etc etc. Now, imagine the Mario Maker tech of switching between art styles at the touch of a button (or switch- narf!). This would be a major positive for those of us who have bought these games in their raw form at least 10 times already. 

2. Super Mario Sunshine

Should have happened already. FLUDD would have been sooo much better to use with a Wii pointer, however, that’s a rant for another day. The Xbox/PS2/NGC era doesn’t hold up as well as the 16-bit era as 3D game design has become much more slick in the last 15 years. HD, widescreen plus perhaps a few Wind Waker HD efficiencies would elevate this to essential!

3. The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past

File. Save as. Linkbetweenworldsartstyle. 

4. Pokemon Stadium

A game series lost to the dust of time. Firstly, the Gameboy transfer pak compatibility would be out. If updated, Pokemon Stadium could include all mini-games from the two N64 games and the rental-mon for tournament play. Or – y’know-we could just get a fully blown sequel with all current Pokemon and full HD. Or a Pokemon Classic Console (Pikachu N64 one!) with all the games on in their raw form with Gameboy roms. Either way.

5. Super Smash Bros Melee 

Widescreen, HD and online. Internet melts down and Switch sells 70 million units in a day. This would be such an easy win for Nintendo but has yet to materialise in any updated form. The pro’s Smash of choice, this early GameCube release should at least be available to download in 2017, hopefully updated. 

6. Super Mario 64

Have you played Mario 64 recently? In a post-Mario Galaxy world this game has started to feel, well, clunky! The archaic camera – once heralded as the benchmark for 3D – has to be torn around the screen. Coaxing that eel out of the pirate ship feels like solving a rubix cube underwater whilst blindfolded. Answer: remake it in HD in the Mario Galaxy engine. Add in the – albeit weaker- DS content and we’d have a Mario game which once again could once again be described as the best game of all time. 

Which do you feel need updating? 

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