Metroid: Ocarina of Timing

Updated January 2018:

Whenever this elusive direct happens, the current blank canvas for Switch in 2018 has led to much speculation. Check out our article from last year about what we think we don’t want but might actually want on the world’s (probably) most increasingly popular console.

After Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, fans were clamouring for the same again on GameCube. The infamous demos of Mario 128 and Link v Ganondorf battle teasing Project Dolphin whet the appetite for the next generation of Nintendo’s heavyweight franchises. What we got though were Wind Waker and Mario Sunshine. Both games scored highly but had a lukewarm reception. Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess were more in line with fan expectations. Fast forward a few years though and Wind Waker – remade in HD on Wii U- is considered many fans’ favourite Zelda game. Of all Mario’s past adventures, Sunshine is the one the majority are hoping sees the light of day on Virtual Console. In other words, after getting the ‘vanilla’ version of these classic series, perhaps it is time to embrace when they come in more exotic flavours – like Breath of the Wild or Odyssey.

In a very roundabout way, what I’m getting at is this; should we give Metroid Prime Federation Force another chance? Now that we know ‘proper’ games are heading our way, can we enjoy this game for what it is and not what we want it to be? Perhaps the biggest mistep Nintendo has made in this story -again like Sunshine and Wind Waker – is timing. If Federation Force had been held to 2017 and released now – on Switch – the reception would be huge. “WE HAVE PRIME ON THE WAY FOR SWITCH, METROID 2 ON 3DS BEFORE XMAS AND ONE LAST THING; FEDERATION FORCE ON SWITCH TO KEEP YOU GOING! IT’S OUT NOW!” Releasing a game which has co-op at its heart on a co-op centric console? Pop the Joy-cons off and dive into the football mode? Win, win.

As with many things in life it’s about timing. We’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo’s has improved in this console generation. 2018 and the great unknown await…


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